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Is Arbonne a Verb? March 12, 2010

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The last few weeks it has been for me!  I’ve been B U S Y.  But I’m sure a lot of you can relate!  Business has been fantastic, and I’ve had a blast doing a number of workshops/parties for some great friends – some old, some new.

Breast Cancer Fund Makeover

This past week, I did a makeover party to help my friend Jess raise money for an organization that is important to both of us, the Breast Cancer Fund.  Last year, Jess raised thousands of dollars for the cause by participating in Climb Against the Odds, during which she climbed Mt. Shasta in California!   This year Jess is mentoring another woman who is doing the Climb, and is raising a little money to help her reach her goal.  100% of the profits from our party’s sales are going to support this cause.

Jess at the top of Mt. Shasta

Not only was the party for a good cause, it was tons of fun!  We used Arbonne’s pure, safe, and beneficial cosmetics to give ourselves a complete makeover and try out an classic eye technique called the “Audrey Look.”  This tied in nicely with the Breast Cancer Fund’s mission to prevent breast cancer by raising awareness of carcinogenic ingredients, since all of Arbonne’s cosmetics are 100% pure, good for your body, and safe to use.   And all the girls looked beautiful!

The girls looking hot and showing off some BCF literature

This was the first fundraiser I’ve done through my business and I LOVED it!   I have a couple ideas for some other fundraisers I’d like to do, and if you have a cause you’d like to raise money for with Arbonne, please let me know!

Skincare Party at Jennifer’s

The second event of the week took place in Glen Allen at the home of my new friend Jennifer Sanders.  Jennifer is actually the one who inspired me to sign up for this blog, and I’ve learned a lot from reading hers!  Check out her blog about the party too (I borrowed her pictures – thanks Jen)!  We had a great time and featured two of Arbonne’s most popular skincare lines: NutriminC RE9 and FC5.   Here are some pictures she took of the beautiful and delicious vegetarian spread she prepared for the get-together and some of the products I had on display, along with Jennifer’s free gift:

Swiss Beauty in Hunt Country

My boyfriend’s mom, Kate’s, best friend and business partner Vicki (did ya follow that?) hosted the third party of the week, which was a Swiss Beauty Workshop featuring the best of the best of Arbonne, NutriminC RE9.  If you are interested in ultra-premium Swiss skincare at a more economical price, this is the line for you.  Vicki and Kate had been using it for several months and everyone agreed their skin looked AMAZING.  Here’s Vicki, and her sassy sense of humor.  You can’t get a more fun hostess than her!

I traveled far for this one – 2.5 hours up to my favorite county in Virginia, and the heart of foxhunting country, Loudon County.   The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and all the ladies were so fun!  And after the success of the workshop’s sales, Vicki is going on a nice little shopping spree with her 80% discount.  😉

Phew, what a week!  I love “Arbonning”!  Thanks SO much Jess, Jennifer and Vicki for being beautiful, supportive, and inspiring women and friends.


3 Responses to “Is Arbonne a Verb?”

  1. jensanders52 Says:

    Yay! This looks awesome!!!!! I will add you to my blogroll!!!!

  2. Allison Says:

    What a great time! You should make those photos into a slideshow on your blog. I can show you how. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Jen! I just added you to my blogroll too – took me a while to figure out how! 😉 Allison, that would be great if you could show me how to make a slideshow, and any other tips you might have. I have lots to learn!

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