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Circles, Squares and Squiggly Lines March 31, 2010

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Hey everyone!  I haven’t been a very good blogger in recent days.  But, I’m pleased to announce that I’m back!  You know that annoying song that goes, “I get knocked down, but I get up again …?”  (Please don’t hate me if you have that stuck in your head now …).  That’s been the story of my last couple weeks.  Arbonne’s National Training Celebration (NTC) was AMAZING, but it was also exhausting.  I got back on Sunday night, went to sleep, and then woke up jet-lagged to the busiest week of the semester for my day job.  I had 51 appointments in 5 days!!!  Anyway, after 10.5 hours of sleep the following Monday night and the return of the sun yesterday and today, I feel back to normal!  Thank goodness!  So that’s what’s been going on with me.

Do any of you get knocked down and struggle to get back up again on a regular basis?  Any suggestions for avoiding that pattern?

Now, down to business.  What’s all this nonsense about circles, squares and squiggly lines?  When I was at NTC, our keynote speaker was a woman named Connie Podesta.  She’s a spunky blonde woman in her late 50’s (I think) who is a therapist and a comedian.  Her talk was super interactive and really fun!  Here’s a pic I took of her at the conference; I was kinda far away:

So toward the beginning she asked us to picture a square, a circle, a triangle, and a squiggly line.  Then she asked us to pick one.  She proceeded to ask everyone which they picked and then tell us about our personalities based on the shape we chose.  It was uncanny!  So you try it – pick one.  I’ll give you a minute while you decide.  Do NOT scan down to see what it means first!

Okay, so what do they mean, according to Connie Podesta?  Here ya go.

Square: detail-oriented, likes to plan ahead and makes lists, wants to get straight to the point.  Where would we be without these people?  Thank goodness for squares to keep the circles and squiggles on track!

Circle: wants to please people, likes to chit-chat before getting down to business, tends to be a little scattered.  These people may be annoying at times to squares and triangles, but they make life more cheerful nonetheless

Triangle: like a square, but a little OCD about it.  Tend to think they are a teeny bit smarter than everyone else.  😉  Wait, did I say that?  These people would rather work alone, and really get things done when they do!

Squiggly line: the “artist.”  These people are super-scattered and get lost easily.  But they are also very creative and help make our world more beautiful.

Sooooo …. which shape are you?  Don’t be shy!


4 Responses to “Circles, Squares and Squiggly Lines”

  1. Just in case you’re wondering … I’m a squiggly circle. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what y’all are!

  2. I picked a squiggly line but that’s not me at all! 😦 I think I’m all of the above. 🙂

  3. Jesselyn Says:

    squiggly all the way!

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